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“The first session I had with Mary-Ann Roy, I was very nervous, sad and feeling a bit embarrassed. Counselling was interestingly a last resort for me as I always felt I should be able to get control of my life on my own. I was confused about how I felt regarding certain issues in my life and needed a trusted professional to help me sort it all out.
When I first met Mary-Ann, she was able to set me at ease. She was understanding and listened to me, asking questions when needed to help get at what was troubling me and sort out my feelings.

I am happier today because of this experience. I would recommend Mary-Ann as she helped me and equipped me with the tools to move forward. I am glad I sought out help and especially glad that it was Mary-Ann.
Thank you, Mary-Ann!”

I met Mary-Ann Roy when I agreed to see a marriage counsellor at my husband’s request after I had advised him I was moving out.“We had been married for over 20 years; our children were grown and self supporting. I was lonely, independent, self-sufficient and had in fact provided the main source of household income for a number of years as my husband farmed.“Slowly over the last 10 years we had seriously grown apart and were on different paths going into our future. We rarely went anywhere together (our interests lead us in opposite directions), we were tied together mainly by our family.

We didn’t talk and often our interactions turned into arguments until towards the end not even that, because I just didn’t care.“I knew he still loved me but it didn’t seem to be enough, all I saw was my remaining years of deepening loneliness living with a man whom I felt I couldn’t share my real self, and of my dreams or our impending retirement into the future.“We started seeing her together until I realized that more of the trouble with our marriage was in me rather than in the marriage.

I had issues that I would just take to a new relationship if left unresolved. He saw no reason to change as he was pretty much happy with everything in our life and marriage and saw no explanation for my unhappiness.“I continued to see Mary-Ann by myself. She says I have come a long way, all I know is that I feel an inner peace, less loneliness and frustration that I have ever felt and a strong sense of faith in the future and a trust in God to love and take care of me, just as I am.

Because of her I have; come to know Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour; I have established boundaries in my life with regard to my work, my husband and our children; I have an established support system through my new church friends; I am now committed to being submissive to my higher power and less in control of every situation; I pray every day for the husband God has provided and that I may have the strength to respect his decisions even if I don’t agree, and I am far more grateful for the blessings the Lord has provided me.“The Lord works in mysterious ways and I am thankful for my journey for which I discovered my husband, my self, my marriage and most of all, my God.”

S. F., Winnipeg, MB

“Through counselling I learned the roots of these lies and not to punish myself because of them, but to change, grow, move on and start fresh. I learned that only God is in control and that I can trust Him to always be with me, even through the hard work of facing my fears. Through counselling I learned that I am already acceptable before God and always have been because of the work of Jesus Christ on the cross. Through counselling God made me alive and set me free and the changes that have taken place in my life, my husband’s life and our family are amazing! God continues to work in my life—sometimes bringing hurting people to me and sometimes humbling me when I need it.

Although I sometimes stumble and fall, counselling has given me the tools to pick myself back up again. Access my problems more clearly and to move forward again in God’s grace. I will be forever grateful for my years in counselling. Thank you Mary-Ann for your gentle spirit and for your years of guidance and Christian love.”

S. R. Transcona, Winnipeg, MB

“My experience was very beneficial to me and the things I learned about myself I hope to remember and carry on for the rest of my life. Do not be afraid to open up and stick to the plan!

Also, there was an ease of being able to talk. I received very insightful perspectives about myself and my feelings.”

T.B., Winnipeg, Manitoba

“I’m so glad I came! I addressed so many things I needed to even though I didn’t “want ” to. I found freedom and I’m excited about my future and what God is going to do in and though me.

There was no judgment!

So much love and everything was brought back to my faith in God.”

L.U., Petersfield, Manitoba

“Counselling helped me be more understanding. That others have their problems and it might not be something against me! I also saw how my wife became more accepting of her family and how she got through some very challenging things at work. Thank-you.”

R.W., Winnipeg, Manitoba

“I feel it really helped with where we were at in our lives. When coming to Truth for Life you receive the best help! The service is friendly and they are very reliable and understanding.

When you go you will find that if you open up anything is possible!”

S. M., Winnipeg, Manitoba

“My session was scheduled at a time that was convenient for me and I was able to get in to see my therapist very quickly. I felt very comfortable with my therapist. I would definitely recommend their services as they were very beneficial.”

U.E., Winnipeg, Manitoba

“I liked the quiet and safe atmosphere. I liked the friendliness and hospitality. I appreciated the care, hugs and prayers from my Counsellor. Mary-Ann thank you so much for guiding me to a better place of healing from deep, crippling wrong thought patterns! I really appreciated you as a supportive counsellor who clearly desires wholeness and cared about my well-being! All the time directing me to God and reassuring me of the good He has placed inside of me. I will miss you!”


"In any given moment, we have two options: to step forward into growth or to step back into safety."

"When we talk about our feelings, they become less overwhelming, less upsetting, and less scary."


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