Domestic Abuse Counselling

Counselling Assessment

Improve Your Life Now
Counselling Assessment
You have taken an important step towards dealing with your concerns and, therefore, improving your life.
Answer the following questions to assess your situation.


I find it increasingly difficult to function or to perform day to day tasks.
My relationship communication has broken down.(non-existent, primarily conflicting, isolating,etc.).
Choices in my life are negatively affecting myself and others.
I experience “flashbacks” of painful life experiences or memories.
Life feels empty and I don't see any hope for my future.
There isn’t any place or anyone with which I can honestly share my difficulties or fears, or go to for support.
My life feels “out of control” and old strategies don’t work. (busyness, self-medication, ignoring, blaming,etc.)
Parenthood feels confusing and overwhelming.
I live my life with a sense of dread.
I have experienced a recent loss in my life (loved one, job,marriage,etc.).

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