Winnipeg family Counselling

Benefits of Counselling

• Sometimes there isn’t a known specific ‘problem’ but just a deep sense that something isn’t ‘right’ within. You may feel the burden of depression or anxiety might press in on you.

• Sometimes there is a need to just to be able to talk through the things you are not able to deal with alone. Addictions,obsessions, uncontrollable anger and compulsions can rob you of life.

• Sometimes problems and concerns in your life keep you from really being close to others. Family dysfunctions, marital problems, or parenting difficulties can cause barriers.

• Sometimes a loss, crisis or traumatic experience becomes too much to bear. The need to grieve, recover from divorce or to deal with trauma such as acquaintance rape, abuse, battering or a troubled past prevent peace and joy in your life today.
• Or, there may be other distressing factors – unhealthy eating patterns, dependencies, spiritual concerns, stress, even perfectionism.
Practical Concerns
COMMITMENT The counselling relationship is evaluated on an on-going basis because adequately dealing with your issues is central. The number of sessions you could commit yourself to is your choice. Each session is 60 minutes in length (including fee payment and scheduling). We would usually meet once a week. Sessions are arranged according to the needs of the client.

COST This is determined on a sliding scale based on financial status. The minimum fee is $60.00 (plus GST) per counselling hour. Payment is received at the beginning of each visit and can be paid by cash or cheque. Receipts are issued upon payment. Varying factors in every individual situation are considered. Subsidies through churches and organizations are available. All tlc counsellors are available for Employee Assistance Programs and other mental health plans upon approval.

CONSULTATION The nature of your problem need not be discussed in your initial call. You will not be asked to volunteer any information you would rather not share at that point.

CONFIDENTIALITY All sessions and files are strictly confidential. Consultation with other professionals with whom you have or may have contact is done only with your written consent.

CERTIFICATION All tlc counsellors are certified with an approved professional association to ensure ongoing training and professional accountability.

Benefits of Seeing a Counsellor

You are not alone in your struggles. At times we all need help. And help is available. Counselling is designed to uncover the roots of the problems in our lives. Only then can the symptoms be addressed. Counselling seeks to unravel our real-life dilemmas and bring healing and wholeness. We then are not only able to grow in our awareness of who we are but to also experience life and relationships in deeper, fuller ways.

Make The Call

To contact us, it’s as simple as picking up your phone or you may prefer to e-mail us. From there, we would address any initial concerns you may have that pertain to counselling. Then, you can decide if you would like to set up an appointment to begin counselling.